Tricks & Apps for Android Phones

Here are some helpful tricks which often comes handy while dealing with your android phone.

Changing Default Apps:
Time comes when we need our task to be opened by other app,but we don't know how.We go berserk and uninstall default app to get other option.Here is the way to change the default app:
for ex-
If you have already set some default apps for particular tasks (e.g. using Chrome for opening web links) but wish to change that,do below steps:
tricks for android phones
Go to Settings > Apps.
Swipe right and look for the All tab.
Select the app you want to remove as default.
Tap on Clear defaults.

Disable App Notifications
Bugged by annoying app notifications that just keep coming? If you don’t know already, these app notifications also drain your phone’s battery. If you want to turn them off, and you are on Jelly Bean 4.1 and above, here’s how:

On any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar(which appears on the top of your screen),long press on the notification for a message box to appear.
Tap on App Info > Untick Show Notifications > OK.

Disable automatic App Updates
Prefer to read through app permissions and manually pick which app to update? You can, but first you need to disable your automatic app updates. Here are the steps:

Open Play Store and head over to Settings.
Tap on Auto-update apps.
Choose Do not auto-update apps.
If you want to enable the auto updates, follow the same path and choose Auto-update apps at any time or via Wi-Fi (available for certain Android devices only).

To update your apps manually, just open Play Store, and on the main page swipe in from the left and tap on My apps. You can tap on apps with pending updates and update them manually, or if you like to update them all at once, just tap on Update All.

How to charge mobile phones:
 Most of the mobile phones and laptops now-a-days have Lithium-ion batteryLithium-ion battery does not need to be fully charged; a partial charge is better. Keeping the battery level between 40% to 80% would optimize its life.
You must have heard that in-order to increase the battery life one should discharge and recharge it completely. This was true for Nickle-Cadmium batteries which were used in older phonesphones.

Word Lens Translator – An awesome app which translates any text on a picture/video.
Wakie – Social alarm clock. Let other people wake you up or wake up someone.
Find Your Needs : tells every groceries,theaters,gyms,petrol pumps,cafes,ATMs etc. within 500 meters of your current location.
PDF Scanner : It scans documents and convert them to pdf,OCR facility available and password can be added to pdf documents.It also doesn't watermark the documents like Camscanner.
RemoDroid : Turns your phone  into a wireless trackpad and mouse. You might not want to use the tiny  keypad to input text, but if your computer lacks a trackpad  —  or if  you’d like to liberate your trackpad from its spot  —  this will make  your day.
Potential : Forgot charging one of your devices? It’s not an issue any more. Get a notification whenever the battery of any of your devices is running low. You do not have to worry about keeping an eye on all your devices. They will inform you immediately if the battery of any of your devices falls below a threshold level.It syncs battery, WiFi and Bluetooth status across all your devices

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