Books for sociology

Here are few books which will help the students of sociology and also those who are preparing for civil services with sociology as their optional subject.

SOCIOLOGY UPSC MAINS 2014 question paper

 1.) India's Path of Development by A.R. Desai [recently added]


 2.) Caste,Class & Power by Andre Beteille [recently added]
books of sociology
 3.) Sociological Theory by George Ritzer(8th edition)

 4.) Dictionary of Sociology

 5.) Syllabus of Sociology for Civil Services(MAINS)

6.) Buddha or Karl Marx by B.R. Ambedkar 

7.)  Preservation of Social Order by B.R. Ambedkar


8.) Who were Shudras? by B.R. Ambedkar [recently added]

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Why is Sociology the Best Optional for UPSC?
Sociology optional has multitude of benefits when it comes to choosing it for UPSC subject, it not only helps in getting good marks in your Optional, but also helps in other GS Papers and essays along with the personality test. It is considered a safe optional subject for UPSC mains exam, along with that sociology is a scoring subject, getting 300+ is not impossible if one follows a proper strategy and focuses on Sociology Optional Syllabus.