Add image to mp3 files

How to add image or picture to mp3 files

Adding a new image or changing the existing mp3 album image is really a fun! But many of our friends don’t know how doing that simple task. So here you will know how to add an image to mp3 files and show that image when you play the mp3 song by any media player.

This image which is embedded with mp3 file is known as the album art, cover image or tagged image. When the mp3 will be played select the Album Art visualization mode if the image is not displayed.

Let me introduce the Mp3Tag which is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/xp. It’s a freeware software and you can download Mp3Tag from their official website.

Adding an image or picture to mp3 files:
The Mp3Tag contains a lot of features with it and makes you able to add, remove or customize the album art image. You can edit or assign any details for your mp3 files like genre,artist,year etc. It also allows you to select all the mp3 files in a directory and perform a given task to all. It is the full compact utility for your mp3 songs.

Steps to embed an image to mp3 file:
  1. Download Mp3Tag, install and run it.

    download mp3tag
  2. Select the directory where the mp3 files are located.
    select directory of mp3
  3. After loading all mp3 files of the selected directory, you can choose one or all files to be changed.
  4. If the selected mp3 file contains an album art then it will be shown bottom left.
    add cover image to song
  5. To add an image first click on extended tags and a Tags window will come.
  6. From the Tags window you can change any details from Metadata located on the left.
    metadata of mp3

    add details in songs
  7. The cover section is located on the right side. It will allow you to add a cover image.To add or change the cover image, hit the Add cover and browse your desired image file.
add cover

   8. Select your image file and press OK.

   9. After cover image is added,a dialog box will open confirming that image is added, as well as in bottom left corner you can also see the image.

That's it. You've changed the mp3 Album Art. Play your song in PC or mobile, your embedded image will be displayed.

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