Meaning of keywords used in Questions

In our question papers of exam or of our books,we often come across the words like describe,examine,criticize....and what we do? We answer them in almost same format or to say correctly we don't care to think about meaning of these words and just write about the topic in detail.
But,every keywords have different meanings and question should be dealt accordingly.Here are the meaning of these keywords which will help you in framing your answers in competitive or general exams.It will give an extra edge to your answer and distinguish your answers from others.

  • EXPLAIN - To tell somebody about something in a way that makes it easy to understand;illustrating example.

  • DISCUSS - To write about an idea in detail showing the different ideas and opinions about it.This is a presentation of an idea & it's contents and opinion of other significant person on it.

  • DESCRIBE - To give a detailed account of procedure.

  • DEFINE - To bring accurate meaning of a word or phrase.

  • EXAMINE - Studying an idea very carefully i.e. detailed study of an idea as well as its causes.

  • ESTIMATE - Measurement of positive & negative of an idea.It doesn't show exact situation. (Note: No conclusion is written in this type of question).

  • ILLUSTRATE - to make meaning of a word or topic clearer using examples.

  • OUTLINE - To give description of main facts involved.

  • SUBSTANTIATE - Support your answer with evidences(case studies).

  • ANALYSIS - Consider a topic in detail in order to discover essential features or meaning (give controlled suggestions).

  • CRITICAL ANALYSIS - Discuss a subject with respect of its worth i.e. quality,quantity and other characterstics (give pro and cons).

  1. Always start any question with atleast one or two lines of introduction.
  2. Try to divide your answers in different paragraphs.
  3. Always end your answer with a conclusion (except in case of 'estimate' keyword).

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