virus to shut down the computer through fake icon

We can play prank on our friends using this post.For this we need  a command  shutdown -s -f -t 20 -c "shutting down in 20 secs"

So let's start:

  •  Right click mouse on desktop.Goto "New" and click on "Shortcut".

create shortcut on desktop

  • A dialog box will open and ask to type the location of item.

type location

  • Copy and paste the above command in it and click "Next".
  • After that it will ask to enter a name for the shortcut.Let us name it "image101"and click on "Finish".

name the shortcut

  • Now a icon named "image101" will be created on desktop.
  • Again right click on icon and click on "Properties".
  • There will be many buttons present in the dialog box.But click on "Shortcut".
  • In Shortcut,click on "Change icon" button.(Sometimes,a message will be displayed.Just ignore them by clicking on "Ok").

change icon

  • Select any icon(I had selected of an image,you can use icon of drive,recycle bin) and click on "Ok".

change icon to recycle bin/image

  • Click on "Apply" and "Ok" respectively.

prank to shutdown pc

Now,you have the virus named "image101" which you can place in your friend's computer or send it to him.As soon as he clicks on it, it will show a message "shutting down in 20 secs" and computer will be turned off.

  1. Instead of shutting down computer,if you want to restart it use this command shutdown -r -f -t 30 -c "give the message you want to display" 
  2. -t 30  represents the time period(here, 30 seconds) after which computer will shutdown.
  3. If you want  to abort the shutdown, use the following command shutdown -a

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