How to hide files in images

  • Create a folder on your C drive by opening up My Computer, double clicking on your C Drive, right clicking in an empty space and choosing New > Folder.Lets name this folder "output".
  • In this newly created "output" folder, place the file you want to hide, and the picture in which you want to hide the file.For example- the file we're going to hide will be called "blanksheet.txt" and we're going to be hiding it in "socio.jpg".
  • Select the files you want to disguise and make them into a RAR file. You can do this by using the free program WinRAR or other similar programs. Lets say this creates the file "blanksheet.rar".

  • Open the windows command prompt. You can do this by opening Run from the start menu, typing in CMD and pressing OK.
  • In this command prompt. type cd.. and hit enter a couple times until you are in the root of the C drive.
  • Type cd output to navigate to the "output" folder we created in step 1.
  • Type copy /b socio.jpg + blanksheet.rar safe.jpg and press enter.

code to hide file in photo

  • This will now create a picture file named "safe.jpg" with your hidden files inside of it. 
hide file

  • To retrieve your file, open image through winrar.Right click on "safe.jpg".Goto "open with" and choose "winRAR archiever".


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