C programs with flowchart

Here is the  index of  C programs provided with their algorithms and flowchart.

1. Hello world. 
2. Arthmatic functions 
3. Convert temperature from centigrade to Fahrenheit. 
4. Fibonacci series. 
5. To print whether number is prime or not. 
6. Generate pyramid of number OR Find roots of quadratic equation. 
7. Find roots of quadratic equation. 
8. Menu driven program for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of a number 
9. Find square of a number.
10. To delete n characters from a given position in a given string. 
11. Find palindrome of a string 
12. Swapping of two numbers using pointers
13. Find factorial of a number 
14. Find smallest and largest number in the list of integers in array 
15. Matrix addition. 
16. Add substring into given main string from given position. 
17. To perform addition and multiplication of two complex number using structure 
18. Program on structure 
19. To copy the content of one file into another file 
20. To reverse first n char in files 
21. One function in built in graphics.

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